Please note some of the settings/names in the following guides have changed over the years. It is very difficult to know the exact name for every motherboard for the last 10+ years as there are always very small tweaks to the phrasing. 

1. Switch on your system and start repeatedly tapping the Delete or F2 key on the keyboard, at least twice a second (often it is easier to do this from a restart than a shutdown state)
2. You may then be met by the Easy Mode BIOS menu, press F2 to enter Advanced Mode.
4. Navigate to the BIOS or Boot tab at the top (depending on the generation). You can use your Mouse or the Arrow keys on the keyboard.
5. Go down to Secure Boot and press enter.
6. Change the Secure Boot Mode to Standard and then [Attempt] Secure Boot to Enabled.
7. Finally, press F10 and choose to Save Changes and Restart
8. From there you should load into Windows with Secure Boot Enabled