With the release of Windows 10 Feature Update v1709 (Fall Creators Update) and all following 'Feature' updates we noticed that a small percentage of our customers have had various upgrade bugs (see end for known error codes) which have prevented them from successfully upgrading to these feature updates. Many customers have found themselves stuck on v1703 and other versions of Windows 10 with the updates repeatedly failing.

We’re proud to be able to share with you all a solution we have developed in house, which we have validated to fix a number of these bugs. In our testing we have confirmed it will solve at least two commonly reported errors and our solution has been 100% successful for those issues, however, reports from our customers have shown it to solve more issues than we previously thought including issues on non-Chillblast devices.

We currently refer to the two confirmed bugs as the ‘Password Incorrect Error’ and the ‘Desktop is unavailable’ error (see pics below). The two are directly related and appear to stem from a common cause. Below you can see examples of what you may experience as a user.

[Password Incorrect Error]

If you have this error, just click restart in the bottom right and it will revert back to the previous version.

[Desktop Is Unavailable Error]

If you have this error, turn off the PC and start it up again and it will revert to the previous version.

[Example of the error in Windows]


1. You can download our fix from here

2. Once downloaded, open the Zip file and extract the "Chillblast v1803 Fix.exe" file from inside

3. Double Click on the "Chillblast v1803 Fix.exe" file and it will ask for Administrator permissions, so say Yes.

4. Wait for the process to complete and report that it was successful.

5. Finally, click the button to open the Microsoft Website

6. Click on Update Now from the Microsoft Website

7. Run the file that downloads and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade Windows

Once that process completes you should have an up to date version of Windows 10 ?


Because of the nature of this solution there is a chance some anti-virus software may flag it as 'potentially malicious'. This is commonly referred to as a 'false positive'. It happens because we are requesting System Admin Rights and Removing a file from the Windows folder, which is required in order to fix the upgrade process. This can easily be seen by anti-virus software as potentially malicious behaviour, however in this scenario we are removing the file with good cause. If this happens, you may need to either Allow our fix to run or mark it as 'Safe' or you may need to Temporarily Disable your Anti-Virus software in order to run the fix.

Associated Mircorosft Error Codes:





[Original: https://www.chillblast.com/windows-10-feature-update-upgrade-problems.html]