Desktop PCs

The warranty provided on all of our Desktop PC's is a 5 Year Warranty which covers labour costs for any repairs and, as standard, we also provide 2 Years of parts cover which includes the collection and return* of the system to our factory for the repair.

On most systems, you can choose to upgrade this to 3 years of collect & return* and parts cover. You can also extend your warranty at any time during the first 2 years to this 3 years product. Please contact us for further details on how to purchase this.


The warranty provided on our laptops is the same 5 Year Warranty covering labour costs and the first 2 years covers the collection and return* of the system to our factory and the parts, excluding the screen which has 1 year and the battery which has 6 months warranty.

We are unable to offer an extended warranty on laptops.


The warranty provided on our 'WAP' class devices is a 1 Year Warranty which covers Labour, Collect and Return* and the hardware.

Outlet Systems

The warranty provided varies, from system to system, depending on the history and the age of the components. It is always listed at the point of sale in the description. If you don't have a record, you can ask for details by creating a ticket.

Lifetime Technical Support

Chillblast provides lifetime* technical support via email & phone, where we can provide advice on the best course of action to take in a given situation even outside of the original warranty.


Inc. devices like Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, Printers, etc.

Any non-Chillblast branded products are covered by the original manufacturer guarantee's. You can apply directly to the manufacturer for a repair/replacement and this will be the quickest way of getting a device such as this fixed. If the manufacturer is not compliant, please let us know and we'll do what we can to assist/look for another solution, but we have agreements in place with many of the manufacturers to avoid that situation from occurring.

*Collection & Return is only covered on UK address'. Outside of the UK, any shipping costs will not be covered, should the unit or a part need to be returned for warranty repair.

'Lifetime' refers to the lifetime of the device, i.e. as long as you choose to keep it

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