**Be exceptionally careful with this one**

Making changes to these settings can prevent you from being able to get back into Windows, sometimes permanently to the extent that a clean install is required. If you choose the wrong setting and there have been cases of Windows corruption relating to adjusting this.

Changing SATA Mode:

    1. Start your PC and start repeatedly tapping the “Delete” key on the keyboard.

    2. You should then see a screen named “ASUS BIOS UTILITY - EZ Mode”

    3. Press the “F7” key to enter advanced mode and if prompted press "Enter" to confirm

    4. Once in advanced mode click on the “Advanced” tab which is located in the middle of the screen in the top tabs bar

    5. Select "SATA Configuration" or “PCH Storage Configuration” and change the "SATA Mode" option from AHCI to RAID or RAID to AHCI

    6. Finally press the “F10” key before pressing the “Enter” key to confirm the “Save configuration and reset?” prompt.