First, check which version of the Nvidia drivers you are using - Right Click on the Desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel

Click Help -> System Information

Find the Driver Type value (either DCH or Standard)

This page will also give you other details helpful for the next stage.

Please download the latest version of the nVidia GeForce Drivers from here:

Select: Product Type / Series / Windows Driver Type

The other values don't matter or should be correct on their defaults.

Click Search

Avoid any 'Beta' versions unless advised otherwise!

Pick the latest Game Ready Driver (for Gamers) or Studio Driver (for Creatives)

Click through to Download the file

Run the file that download, once it’s extracted, go through the process until you get the choice of: Custom (Advanced) and choose this.

Next – Tick the box for Perform a clean installation and click next.

The screen will flicker on and off during this process, once it’s complete it may ask you to restart, if so please do this.